BJ Plastics Case Study

BJ Plastics Case Study

Shawn, the owner of Neal Energy Solutions, come to see me in October 2019 to look at my manufacturing building to discuss the options available to reduce our energy cost and carbon emissions. I have worked with Shawn for several years within his role of energy consultant. I was amazed at his knowledge of renewable technologies and after an in-depth survey of my building, roof, electrics, and usage Shawn put together a solar system which would reduce my bill up to a massive 80%. In addition, the system was self-funding and paid for itself after 5 years.

I was delighted with the whole process from start to finish. Shawn and his team worked around my business while we were still in full production, with no down time and their health and safety processes were all in place. The system of 500 solar panels were installed and in operation in just 2 days.

Once the installation was completed Shawn and his team talked me through the system, how it works and the online monitoring portal so we can see how many kilowatts our solar system is generating. My energy bills went from £1200 to £100 when installed.

I would recommend Shawn and his team to any business looking to go green and save money.

Client: BJ Plastics

Category: Neal Commercial Solar

Date: June 1, 2020

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