Domestic Solar Panels

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Domestic Solar Panels

Domestic Solar Panels and Solar Systems

To save on time and cost we google earth your property, measure the roof and provide a detailed proposal outlining the number of domestic solar panels, Inverter, and any other solar equipment. Including the potential returns and savings with a firm installation price.

Our systems take in to account your local weather, specific panel performance, including low light and inverter performance. It also calculates the difference between panels set into a roof and panels mounted above a roof, roof pitch, roof orientation, degradation over time and roof shade. We work out shading by building a 3D model to include any trees, buildings, chimneys, Velux windows that may obstruct light and space on your roof.

From solar panels in the West Midlands to Shropshire, we are proud of our exceptional commitment to quality customer service and pledge to serve every customer to the highest standard. We also know how important it is to get the right deal, that’s why we are able to offer a guaranteed price match (without the sales people). So you know you’ll be getting the deal you deserve without being pressured into anything. We’ll just have a friendly chat, allowing us to further understand your needs and requirements, so we can offer the best service and product that is geared to you. After all, no house is the same so why should their solar panels be?

Why Choose Solar Panels?

Solar panels aren’t for everyone. We get it. But solar panels can be amazing commodities for both short-term and long-term prospects. That’s why when considering if a solar panel system is right for you it’s important to take the time to think about it. However, in case you are interested (and just need a little persuading), solar panels can be great assets for both domestic and commercial properties. Not only do they add value in the long term but in the short term they can possibly instantly reduce energy bills by creating sources of energy that reduce the dependence on external electricity. Just like in the case of BJ plastics who wanted to reduce its energy costs allowing them to be more competitive.

Not only did BJ plastics want to reduce their energy costs, but by installing solar panels they were able to reduce their energy emissions and do their bit for the planet!

There can be many great benefits of solar panels so it’s always important to weigh up both the pros and cons before you make the step towards a greener future! Of course as per usual, if you have any questions about our solar panels in Wolverhampton, Shropshire, Telford, West Midlands & beyond feel free to get in touch! Our team of friendly team of staff (no salespeople don’t worry) will be more than happy to help you out and answer any questions!

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